6100014093 LDM Formal Invitation for Bids - Annual Contract for Off Road Equipment

The City of San Antonio is soliciting bids for an annual contract for equipment needed for road maintenance, movement of raw materials and supply management, the contract will be upon award through November 30, 2021. The equipment will consist of Trailer Mounted Compressors, Forklifts, a Mini Excavator, Wheeled Skid Loaders, Articulated Wheeled Loaders, a Track Loader, a Wheeled Material Handler, Pneumatic Rollers, a Motor Grader, Trailer Mounted Oil Distributors, a Backhoe and Double Drum Vibratory Compactors. Applicable Product Categories: 545-28 Industrial Compressors, 560-75 Trucks, Lift, Powered: Forklifts, 755-10 Asphalt Distributor, Crack Sealing Equipment, 760-04 Backhoe Loader Combination, 760-33 Graders, Motorized, 760-44 Loaders, Front End, Crawler Tractors, 760-50 Loaders, Front End (For Wheel Type Tractors), 760-65 Rollers, Rubber Tired, 760-66 Rollers, Flat Wheel Type, Vibrating, 765-83 Tractor Bulldozers, Crawler and Wheel Type, and 760-90 Shovels, Power; and Excavating Machines: Telescoping and Hinged Boom Type, Crawler or Tractor.

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