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Project Request - CCPF FUNDS (Delegate Agencies Excluded):

City Council finds that investment of CCPF in programs, activities, events, scholarships, goods or services deemed eligible under the criteria and guidelines established under this ordinance serve the municipal public purposes of:

  • Promoting the health, safety and welfare of the community;
  • Promoting family, social and economic stability;
  • Promoting community education and training, which, in part, prepares the workforce for productive employment and meets the professional needs of the City;
  • Promoting community recreation;
  • Preventing homelessness; and
  • Revitalizing neighborhoods.

* Please identify your project request:
  District / Community Events    Education    Youth/Senior Activities 

City Council finds that the following qualify as eligible Applicants for CCPF:

  1. A City Council District Office for district events;
  2. A non-profit entity that: a) is exempt from federal income tax or is able to show proof at the time of application for CCPF of having filed for tax exempt status as determined by the Internal Revenue Service under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code, or is an affiliate of a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation; b) is able to show proof of exemption from franchise taxes by the Texas State Comptroller at the time of application for CCPF; and c) demonstrates that the proposed services, programs and events funded by CCPF will be open to the public;
  3. A neighborhood association or other legally formed entity whose purpose as stated in its organizational documents is defined as serving the community;
  4. Another governmental entity, such as municipality, county, school district, or other political subdivision of the State of Texas, who is requesting CCPF for a project it is not required to carry under its own charter or mandates by state or federal law, unless it involves a joint project with the City.

Project Information

* Invoices of how funds will be allocated (I certify that I have attached all invoices related to this request. I understand that any missing invoices will not be covered by funds and purchases need to exclude alcohol, gift/gas cards, livestock, equipment or supplies from city departments and delegate agencies):
Important Note: Please, if you are not a registered vendor with the City of San Antonio, visit this website to register:
* Agency Board Roster:
I certify that I have attached a list of board members and their contact information.

* Agency Fact:
I certify that I have attached a copy of the organization purpose or mission, the services that the organization offers along with the name of the project and program description for which funds are being requested.

* Organization Verification of Federal Tax Identification #:
I certify that I have attached a copy of the organization's Federal Tax Identification letter.

Acknowledgement Agreement: [Terms & Conditions]
Disagreement with these terms will cancel the submission of this grant application. * Read and Agree with the terms

List of all Related Expenses

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* I certify that the statements contained in this City Council Project Fund Application comply with CCPF ordinances 2011-12-08-1011 and 2013-11-07-0761, including expenses, and are true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.