Department: Type: Bid Name:

DescriptionTypeDepartmentRelease / Restriction on Communication Start DatePolitical Contribution Black Out Start DateSolicitation Deadline
18-014 Food, Beverage, and Retail Prime Concessionaire Request for ProposalsAviation 01/18/20182/1/2018 04/18/2018
Extended to 06/29/2018
18-064 Airport Valet Parking Services Concession Request for ProposalsAviation 04/26/2018N/A 05/30/2018
Extended to 06/27/2018
6100010191 MH Formal Annual Contract for Forms Printing - SAPL Invitation for BidsFinance 05/18/2018N/A 06/20/2018
6100010195 SC Formal IFB – PURCHASE OF FIRE STATION FURNITURE FOR THE SAN ANTONIO FIRE DEPARTMENT Invitation for BidsFinance 06/06/2018N/A 06/20/2018
6100010245 INFORMAL IFB-A/C LEASE OF HEALTH TESTING EQUIPMENT Invitation for BidsHum Res 05/24/2018N/A 06/25/2018
6100010343 RFCSP for Annual Contract for Holiday Lighting -Citywide Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsFinance 05/23/2018N/A 06/18/2018
6100010365 Request for Competitive Sealed Proposals – Quartermaster System for SAFD Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsFire 06/15/2018N/A 07/16/2018
6100010393 AAS Formal Invitation for Bid – Annual Contract for SAPD Badges Invitation for BidsFinance 06/13/2018N/A 06/27/2018
6100010394 JDF Formal Invitation for Bids for Annual Contract for Cart Services Invitation for BidsFinance 05/31/2018N/A 06/20/2018
6100010398 RFCSP for Annual Contract for Custodial Services – Various City Facilities Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsDHS 06/06/2018N/A 07/11/2018
6100010427 RFCSP – Interactive Modular Driving Simulator/Trainer System Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsSolid Waste Management 06/15/2018N/A 07/18/2018
Annual Contract for Rental of Barricades (RFCSP 18-074; RFx 6100010135) Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsFinance 05/23/20186/7/2018 06/22/2018
Contract Veterinarians (Surgeries and/or Shelter Medicine) Request for ApplicationsAnimal Care Svcs 11/15/2017N/A 11/15/2018
Emergency Medical Staffing Services Request for ProposalsSAMHD 06/03/2018N/A 07/03/2018
Fire Station #54 Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsTCI 05/30/20186/13/2018 07/03/2018
On-Call Demolition and Debris Disposal Services Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsTCI 06/08/2018N/A 06/29/2018
SAFD Fire Training Academy HVAC Upgrades Invitation for BidsTCI 05/25/2018N/A 06/19/2018
Stinson Airport Parking Lots Invitation for BidsTCI 06/01/2018N/A 06/26/2018
Stinson Municipal Airport Monument and Directional Signage # 33-00236 Invitation for BidsAviation 05/11/2018N/A 06/12/2018
Extended to 06/19/2018
Visitors’ Experience Survey Services for the San Antonio Missions World Heritage Site. Request for ProposalsWorld Heritage Office 06/01/2018N/A 06/29/2018