Department: Type: Bid Name:

DescriptionTypeDepartmentRelease / Restriction on Communication Start DatePolitical Contribution Black Out Start DateSolicitation Deadline
**CANCELLED** 6100011165 DS FORMAL INVITATION FOR BID FOR UNDERWATER REMOTE OPERATED VEHICLE Invitation for BidsFinance 02/04/2019N/A 02/20/2019
2017-2022 Neighborhood Improvements Bond Program - Eastside Single-Family Infill Request for ProposalsTCI 02/04/2019N/A 02/20/2019
Extended to 02/22/2019
2019-2020 Fog Seal Task Order Contract Package 1 Invitation for BidsTCI 02/06/2019N/A 03/05/2019
2019-2020 Onyx Seal Task Order Package 1 Invitation for BidsTCI 02/13/2019N/A 03/12/2019
2019-2020 Task Order Contract for Flatwork and Street Improvements Package 4 #23-01797 Invitation for BidsTCI 02/01/2019N/A 02/26/2019
6100010315 MH Informal Annual Contract for Book Jackets and Music CD Poly Cases - SAPL Invitation for BidsFinance 02/04/2019N/A 02/27/2019
6100010861 Request for Proposals – Repurposing of Electronic Assets Request for ProposalsITSD 02/08/2019N/A 03/11/2019
6100010951 RFCSP for A/C – Purchase, Inspection, & Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsFinance 02/11/2019N/A 03/13/2019
6100011144 Request for Competitive Sealed Proposals – CivtechSA Residency Program Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsOffice of Innovation 02/15/2019N/A 03/18/2019
6100011148 DT INFORMAL ANNUAL CONTRACT FOR HIGH IMPACT POLYCARBONATE (LEXAN) Invitation for BidsFinance 02/11/2019N/A 02/26/2019
6100011154 MAB Formal Annual Contract for Window Washing Services for the Alamodome Invitation for BidsFinance 02/13/2019N/A 03/08/2019
6100011156 SC FORMAL REQUEST FOR OFFER - BUNKER BOOTS FOR THE SAN ANTONIO FIRE DEPARTMENT Request for OfferFinance 02/08/2019N/A 02/22/2019
6100011158 LDM FORMAL INVITATION FOR BID (IFB) - PURCHASE OF CARGO AND PASSENGER VANS Invitation for BidsFinance 02/11/2019N/A 02/27/2019
6100011168 Request for Competitive Sealed Proposal -A/C for Taxi Services Non-Emergency EMS Patient Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsFinance 01/30/2019N/A 03/08/2019
6100011235 Request for Competitive Sealed Proposals – Electronic Plan Review Software Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsDev Srvcs 02/13/2019N/A 03/15/2019
6100011265 LDM Formal Invitation for Bid (IFB) - WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE BUSES AND VAN'S Invitation for BidsFinance 02/15/2019N/A 03/04/2019
Alamodome East Hot Water Loop Repair (Re-Bid) #45-00038 Invitation for BidsTCI 02/06/2019N/A 02/26/2019
Buena Vista Corridor Invitation for BidsTCI 01/25/2019N/A 02/26/2019
Contract Veterinarians (Surgeries and/or Shelter Medicine) Request for ApplicationsAnimal Care Svcs 11/15/2017N/A 02/28/2019
Landa Library HVAC Improvements Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsTCI 01/18/2019N/A 02/19/2019