Department: Type: Bid Name:

DescriptionTypeDepartmentRelease / Restriction on Communication Start DatePolitical Contribution Black Out Start DateSolicitation Deadline
2020 Onyx Seal TOC PKG 1 Invitation for BidsTCI 11/27/2019N/A 01/14/2020
6100012070 MFB Formal Invitation for Bids for Passenger Boarding Bridges Invitation for BidsFinance 11/14/2019N/A 12/09/2019
Extended to 12/23/2019
6100012118 Financial Consulting Services Request for ProposalsAviation 10/29/201911/13/2019 12/16/2019
6100012157, RFP 19-098 Request for Proposal – Metaphorical Training Exercise Request for ProposalsAviation 11/22/2019N/A 01/08/2020
6100012240 GDL Formal Invitation for Bids for Annual Contract for Chevrolet Parts & Service Invitation for BidsFinance 12/02/2019N/A 12/18/2019
6100012247 DRS Formal IFB - Annual Contract for Decorative Metal Chairs and Benches Invitation for BidsFinance 11/27/2019N/A 12/18/2019
6100012269 JDF Formal IFB -A/C-Radiator,Fuel Tanks,Heater Cores,Coolers,&Evaporator Parts &Service Invitation for BidsFinance 11/08/2019N/A 11/25/2019
Extended to 12/13/2019
6100012271 GDL Formal Invitation for Bids for Aerial Tower Parts Invitation for BidsFinance 12/13/2019N/A 01/08/2020
6100012281 Formal Invitation for Bid - Annual Contract for Supply of Trees - 30 Gallon Invitation for BidsFinance 12/06/2019N/A 12/20/2019
6100012360 DS Informal Invitation for Bids for Annual Contract for Propane Industrial Grade Invitation for BidsFinance 11/27/2019N/A 12/13/2019
6100012363 GDL Informal IFB for Annual Contract Rotary Above Ground Lift Parts and Service Invitation for BidsFinance 12/02/2019N/A 12/18/2019
6100012389 SC IFB - Annual Contract for Overhead Door Repairs for the San Antonio Fire Department Invitation for BidsFinance 12/11/2019N/A 01/06/2020
BYNUM AVENUE (W. GERALD AVE TO SW MILITARY DR) Invitation for BidsTCI 11/27/2019N/A 01/14/2020
CDBG Housing Rehabilitation Program Delivery Funding RFA 20-034 Request for ApplicationsNeighborhood and Housing Services 12/06/2019N/A 01/21/2020
Cuellar Park 2017 Invitation for BidsTCI 11/18/2019N/A 12/17/2019
Domestic Violence Prevention Related Services (RFP 20-010) Request for ProposalsDHS 11/01/201911/18/2019 12/16/2019
Lease of La Villita Space - Building 17 (RFP 19-100) Request for ProposalsCenter City Development Office 10/23/2019N/A 11/26/2019
Extended to 12/18/2019
License of Sports Fields at Lincoln Park Request for QualificationsParks 12/10/2019N/A 01/10/2020
North San Antonio Hills Park Invitation for BidsTCI 12/09/2019N/A 01/21/2020
Reconstruct Perimeter Road, Packages 3 and 4 Invitation for BidsAviation 12/06/2019N/A 01/21/2020