Department: Type: Bid Name:

DescriptionTypeDepartmentRelease / Restriction on Communication Start DatePolitical Contribution Black Out Start DateSolicitation Deadline
6100011291 Request for Competitive Sealed Proposals – Citywide Multi-Function Devices Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsITSD 01/13/20201/28/2020 03/13/2020
6100012295 RFCSP - Annual Contract for Custodial Services at the San Antonio Riverwalk Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsCenter City Development Office 01/03/20201/17/2020 02/17/2020
6100012364 VF Informal Annual Contract for Cat Litter and Trays for ACS Invitation for BidsAnimal Care Svcs 01/02/2020N/A 01/22/2020
Extended to 01/29/2020
6100012398 GDL Formal Invitation for Bids for Mobile Fitness Vehicle for Parks Invitation for BidsFinance 01/13/2020N/A 01/31/2020
6100012410 LDM Formal Invitation for Bids - Off Road Equipment Invitation for BidsFinance 01/06/2020N/A 01/22/2020
6100012445 EMG Formal IFB - Annual Contract for Fire – EMS Vehicle Collision Body Repair Services Invitation for BidsFinance 12/23/2019N/A 01/15/2020
Extended to 01/22/2020
6100012447 JDF Formal Invitation for Bids for Annual Contract for Trucking Services Invitation for BidsFinance 12/23/2019N/A 01/17/2020
Extended to 01/22/2020
6100012465 MPB Informal Invitation for Bid - Annual Contract for Indoor Plant Maintenance Services Invitation for BidsFinance 01/06/2020N/A 01/22/2020
6100012479 AJ INFORMAL ANNUAL CONTRACT FOR PLAQUES Invitation for BidsFinance 01/10/2020N/A 01/27/2020
Annual Contract for Meal Preparation Services for Senior Nutrition Program Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsDHS 12/20/20191/14/2020 02/12/2020
BYNUM AVENUE (W. GERALD AVE TO SW MILITARY DR) Invitation for BidsTCI 11/27/2019N/A 01/14/2020
Extended to 01/21/2020
Caracol Creek Park Invitation for BidsTCI 01/17/2020N/A 02/18/2020
CDBG Housing Rehabilitation Program Delivery Funding RFA 20-034 Request for ApplicationsNeighborhood and Housing Services 12/06/2019N/A 01/21/2020
Community Survey Services Request for ProposalsGov & Public Affairs 12/23/2019N/A 02/03/2020
Fully Insured Medical Health Plans for Medicare Eligible Retirees – Request for Proposal Request for ProposalsHum Res 12/20/20191/14/2020 02/14/2020
Kingsborough and Spicewood Parks 2017 Invitation for BidsTCI 12/23/2019N/A 01/21/2020
McAllister Park 2017 Invitation for BidsTCI 01/08/2020N/A 02/04/2020
N. Flores St. - Fredericksburg Rd. (5 Points) Invitation for BidsTCI 01/17/2020N/A 02/18/2020
North San Antonio Hills Park Invitation for BidsTCI 12/09/2019N/A 01/28/2020
Organics Material Processing Services (RFP 20-025, 6100012385) Request for ProposalsSolid Waste Management 01/10/20201/27/2020 02/26/2020