Department: Type: Bid Name:

DescriptionTypeDepartmentRelease / Restriction on Communication Start DatePolitical Contribution Black Out Start DateSolicitation Deadline
2022-2023 Task Order Contract for Traffic Project Construction Invitation for BidsPWD 10/18/2021N/A 11/19/2021
6100014079 CD Formal IFB for SAFD A/C for Aerial Apparatus and Ground Ladder Inspection Invitation for BidsFinance 09/29/2021N/A 10/15/2021
Extended to 10/22/2021
6100014252 JS Formal Invitation for Bids for Mail Screening Equipment Invitation for BidsFinance 09/15/2021N/A 10/13/2021
Extended to 10/27/2021
6100014511 (RFP 21-071) Request for Proposals – Pre-K4 SA Marketing Services Request for ProposalsPre-K 4 SA 09/10/20219/24/2021 10/26/2021
6100014588 Request for Proposals – Pre-K 4 SA Audit Services Request for ProposalsPre-K 4 SA 10/13/2021N/A 11/15/2021
6100014621 RFCSP for Annual Job Order Contract for On-Call Electrical Services – Citywide Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsParks 10/08/202110/22/2021 11/24/2021
6100014628 YM Informal Invitation for Bids for Automotive Power Take-Off Parts & Services Invitation for BidsFinance 10/15/2021N/A 11/01/2021
6100014641 JDLR Informal IFB for Annual Contract for Media Monitoring Services for GPA Invitation for BidsFinance 10/13/2021N/A 10/27/2021
Access to Care during COVID-19 assessment (RFP 21-100; 6100014480) Request for ProposalsSAMHD 10/07/2021N/A 11/05/2021
Airfield Engineering Design Services #AVI101521JR Request for QualificationsAviation 10/15/202110/29/2021 11/30/2021
Community Outreach and Marketing, SA: Ready to Work (RFP 22-004, 6100014308) Request for ProposalsWorkforce Development Office 10/12/202110/26/2021 11/29/2021
F - 2021 FED ITS (Vehicle Detection and CCTV Improvements) Invitation for BidsPWD 10/08/2021N/A 11/09/2021
Program Evaluation, SA Ready to Work (RFP 22-005, 6100014309) Request for ProposalsWorkforce Development Office 10/18/202111/1/2021 12/06/2021
Request for Qualifications for Medicolegal Services RFQ 21-103 Request for QualificationsSAMHD 10/01/2021N/A 11/02/2021
RFQ 021-061, RFX# 6100014311 Construction Contractors for Rehabilitation of Residential Properties Request for QualificationsNeighborhood and Housing Services 09/15/20219/29/2021 11/02/2021
SSF Terminal Roof and HVAC Replacement Invitation for BidsAviation 10/20/2021N/A 11/30/2021
Thousand Oaks Erosion Protection Invitation for BidsPWD 09/24/2021N/A 10/29/2021