Department: Type: Bid Name:

DescriptionTypeDepartmentRelease / Restriction on Communication Start DatePolitical Contribution Black Out Start DateCouncil DatePolitical Contribution Black Out End Date
18-089 Duty Free Retail Concession Request for ProposalsAviation 06/27/20187/12/2018PendingPending
6100010478 RFCSP – Traffic Management Controller Firmware/Software Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsTCI 10/19/201811/2/2018PendingPending
6100011291 Request for Competitive Sealed Proposals – Citywide Multi-Function Devices Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsITSD 01/13/20201/28/2020PendingPending
6100011348 Request for Competitive Sealed Proposal - A/C Custodial Services – Parks & Rec FacilitiesRequest for Competitive Sealed ProposalsParks 04/22/20195/7/2019PendingPending
6100011529 Request for Competitive Sealed Proposals – Public Safety Notification System Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsSAPD 06/26/20197/11/2019PendingPending
6100011654 General Technology Consulting Services Request for ProposalsAviation 06/14/20196/28/2019PendingPending
6100011689 Request for Competitive Sealed Proposal - Annual Contract for Summer Food Service ProgramRequest for Competitive Sealed ProposalsParks 09/11/20199/25/2019PendingPending
6100012118 Financial Consulting Services Request for ProposalsAviation 10/29/201911/13/2019PendingPending
6100012295 RFCSP - Annual Contract for Custodial Services at the San Antonio Riverwalk Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsCenter City Development Office 01/03/20201/17/2020PendingPending
Annual Contract for Meal Preparation Services for Senior Nutrition Program Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsDHS 12/20/20191/14/2020PendingPending
Civil Engineering Services for Broadway Street – IH-35 to E. Mulberry Avenue #062819 Request for QualificationsTCI 06/28/20197/12/2019PendingPending
Design Build Services for Airport Integrated Control Center Request for QualificationsTCI 09/04/2019 PendingPending
Domestic Violence Prevention Related Services (RFP 20-010) Request for ProposalsDHS 11/01/201911/18/2019PendingPending
Downtown Streets: Commerce Street (St. Mary’s Street to Santa Rosa Avenue) Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsTCI 09/24/201810/8/2018PendingPending
Financial Advisor Services Request for Proposals Request for ProposalsFinance 12/14/20181/8/2019PendingPending
Food & Beverage Concepts at City Tower (RFI 19-085) Request for InformationCenter City Development Office 07/01/20197/16/2019PendingPending
Fully Insured Medical Health Plans for Medicare Eligible Retirees – Request for Proposal Request for ProposalsHum Res 12/20/20191/14/2020PendingPending
Homeownership Housing Development Funding RFA 19-095 Request for ApplicationsNeighborhood and Housing Services 09/13/20199/27/2019PendingPending
On-Call Aviation DBE General Engineering Consultant Services Request for QualificationsAviation 09/17/201810/1/2018PendingPending
Organics Material Processing Services (RFP 20-025, 6100012385) Request for ProposalsSolid Waste Management 01/10/20201/27/2020PendingPending