Bid Name

DescriptionTypeDepartmentRelease / Restriction on Communication Start DatePolitical Contribution Black Out Start DateSolicitation Deadline
Brooks City Base Stinsor Corridor (Research Plaza to S. Presa St.) Invitation for BidsPWD 10/07/2020N/A 11/13/2020
Extended to 12/01/2020
Financial Advisor Services, 21-002, 6100013381 Request for ProposalsFinance 10/25/202011/6/2020 12/14/2020
6100013321 A/C Central Utility Plant PM & Repairs Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsAviation 10/23/202011/6/2020 12/09/2020
Adolescent Behavioral Health Counseling–RFP20-103 Request for ProposalsSAMHD 10/26/202011/9/2020 12/14/2020
Homeownership Housing Development Funding RFP 21-006, 6100013386 Request for ProposalsNeighborhood and Housing Services 10/23/202011/6/2020 12/11/2020
Rental Housing Development Funding, RFP 21-007, 6100013388 Request for ProposalsNeighborhood and Housing Services 10/23/202011/6/2020 12/11/2020
2021-2022 Task Order Contract for Flatwork Repair, Package 3 Invitation for BidsPWD 10/28/2020N/A 11/24/2020
Extended to 12/01/2020
Wayfinding - New Signs Invitation for BidsPWD 10/28/2020N/A 12/04/2020
Wayfinding - Package 5 Invitation for BidsPWD 10/28/2020N/A 12/04/2020
6100013335 Request for Competitive Sealed Proposal City Tower Printers for the Print S Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsFinance 10/30/2020N/A 11/25/2020
Extended to 12/04/2020
Arbitrage Rebate Compliance Services, 21-003, 6100013385 Request for ProposalsFinance 11/01/2020N/A 12/07/2020
N. Main Ave & Soledad St. (Pecan St. to Navarro St.) Invitation for BidsPWD 10/30/2020N/A 12/01/2020
Extended to 12/18/2020
6100013372 MFB Formal IFB for A/C for HVAC Disposable Air Filters for S.A. Airport System Invitation for BidsFinance 11/06/2020N/A 11/25/2020
Extended to 12/09/2020
6100013473 Airport Project Support Services Request for ProposalsAviation 11/09/2020N/A 12/09/2020
6100013339 KH Invitation for Bid – Formal Annual Contract – Bottled Water – Citywide Invitation for BidsFinance 11/09/2020N/A 12/09/2020
Culebra Tributary (Cathedral Rock to Tezel Rd) Invitation for BidsPWD 11/09/2020N/A 12/15/2020
Salado Creek (South Side Lions Park to SE Military Drive Invitation for BidsPWD 11/09/2020N/A 12/08/2020
6100013462 SC FORMAL IFB FOR SAFD – ANNUAL CONTRACT FOR FIRE APPARATUS PM & INSPECTION Invitation for BidsFinance 11/13/2020N/A 11/30/2020
6100013147 AAS (Rebid)Formal IFB -SAPD-A/C for Bicycle Repair Parts&Accessories for Patrol Officers Invitation for BidsFinance 11/13/2020N/A 12/04/2020
6100013378 RAG Formal IFB for A/C for Fire Sprinkler Inspections & Maintenance for Alamodome Invitation for BidsFinance 11/18/2020N/A 12/11/2020