Bid Name

DescriptionTypeDepartmentRelease / Restriction on Communication Start DatePolitical Contribution Black Out Start DateSolicitation Deadline
Deferred Compensation Investment Advisor Consultant – Request for Proposal 20-101, RFP 6100013332 Request for ProposalsHum Res 12/11/2020N/A 01/20/2021
Extended to 03/31/2021
Disparity and Causation Analysis Study – Request for Proposal 21-017, RFP 6100013630 Request for ProposalsEDD 01/15/20212/1/2021 03/15/2021
Extended to 03/19/2021
Dangerous Premises Abatement Lot Clearing and Securing of Structures, RFP 21-021, 6100013619 Request for ProposalsDev Srvcs 01/17/20212/1/2021 03/04/2021
Extended to 03/15/2021
6100013442 Request for Competitive Sealed Proposals – Social Media Management Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsITSD 01/22/2021N/A 02/24/2021
Extended to 03/10/2021
6100013364 RFCSP – Annual Contract for Traffic Control Services for the Carver Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsFinance 01/27/2021N/A 02/26/2021
Extended to 03/12/2021
Southcross Blvd (I-37 to I-35) Invitation for BidsPWD 01/28/2021N/A 02/26/2021
Extended to 03/12/2021
6100013590 Annual Contract for Landscape & Irrigation System Services Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsAviation 02/01/2021N/A 03/03/2021
Extended to 03/12/2021
Fredericksburg Road (N. Flores St. to W. Woodlawn Ave.) Invitation for BidsPWD 01/29/2021N/A 03/02/2021
Extended to 03/09/2021
Architectural Services for NCAA Final Four 2025 Improvements Request for QualificationsFinance 02/01/20212/15/2021 03/18/2021
RFCSP for Mowing Services for Historical Cemeteries Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsParks 02/03/2021N/A 03/05/2021
Extended to 03/12/2021
6100013620 RFCSP - Annual Job Order Contract for On-Call HVAC Services – Citywide Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsConvention Sports and Entertainment Facilities 02/05/20212/19/2021 03/24/2021
Extended to 03/31/2021
Spanish Language Interpreter Services (RFP 21-031, 6100013646) Request for ProposalsGov & Public Affairs 02/08/2021N/A 03/10/2021
Spanish Language Translation Services (RFP 21-032, 6100013647) Request for ProposalsGov & Public Affairs 02/08/2021N/A 03/10/2021
Fox Park Invitation for BidsPWD 02/10/2021N/A 03/16/2021
6100013649 RFCSP for Annual Contract for Landscaping Services - DHS Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsDHS 02/12/2021N/A 03/15/2021
Ella Austin Center Roof – Deferred Maintenance Invitation for BidsFinance 02/12/2021N/A 03/26/2021
Temporary Labor Personnel Services – Request for Proposal 21-028, RFP 6100013689 Request for ProposalsHum Res 02/12/20212/26/2021 03/30/2021
6100013693 Request for Competitive Sealed Proposals – Citywide Card Present Kiosks Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsITSD 02/17/2021N/A 03/24/2021
6100013704 CD FORMAL ANNUAL CONTRACT FOR TOYOTA AUTOMOTIVE PARTS AND SERVICE Invitation for BidsFinance 02/24/2021N/A 03/12/2021
Redistricting Counsel Request for QualificationsCity Atty 02/24/2021N/A 03/24/2021