Bid Name

DescriptionTypeDepartmentRelease / Restriction on Communication Start DatePolitical Contribution Black Out Start DateSolicitation Deadline
RFA for Contract Animal Rescue (Canine and Feline) Request for ApplicationsAnimal Care Svcs 08/17/2022N/A 08/18/2023
Alamodome Improvements Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsPWD 11/07/202211/22/2022 01/03/2023
Extended to 02/10/2023
6100016273 SN Request for Proposals – Unemployment Cost Management Request for ProposalsHum Res 12/07/2022N/A 01/13/2023
Extended to 02/10/2023
VENUE SPONSORSHIP PROGRAMS FOR THE ALAMODOME Request for ProposalsConvention Sports and Entertainment Facilities 12/09/2022N/A 02/02/2023
Extended to 02/16/2023
Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) And Homeless Prevention Services Through HOME-ARP Request for ProposalsDHS 12/09/202212/23/2022 02/13/2023
6100016136 GD Request for Proposals – Pharmacy & Medical Third-Party Administration Request for ProposalsHum Res 12/13/20221/3/2023 02/03/2023
Extended to 02/15/2023
6100016360 MA RFI City of San Antonio Collections Management Software Solution Request for InformationSolid Waste Management 12/14/2022N/A 01/27/2023
Extended to 02/08/2023
2023 On-Call Civil Engineering Services for Street Rehabilitation Request for QualificationsPWD 12/15/20221/5/2023 02/09/2023
Hemisfair Civic Park- Phase 2 Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsPWD 12/20/20221/10/2023 02/14/2023
6100016027 VV RFP Food & Beverage Operations at City Facilities Request for ProposalsFinance 12/20/2022N/A 02/08/2023
Extended to 02/24/2023
6100016330 MB RFQ Capital Improvement Program Management Services Request for QualificationsAviation 12/21/2022N/A 02/15/2023
Terminal A Ground Loading Facility and Vehicle Gate 20 Relocation Request for QualificationsAviation 12/21/20221/11/2023 02/08/2023
Extended to 02/15/2023
6100016462 AVI On-Call Independent Fee Estimates Request for QualificationsAviation 12/30/2022N/A 02/17/2023
Stinson 9/27 Sealant & Threshold Failure Repair #33-00297 Invitation for BidsAviation 01/04/2023N/A 02/03/2023
Extended to 02/17/2023
6100016251 SM Formal IFB AC Towing Services of Mobile Stages Invitation for BidsParks 01/13/2023N/A 02/01/2023
Extended to 02/08/2023
6100015328 SM Formal IFB AC Supply of Trees Invitation for BidsParks 01/11/2023N/A 01/27/2023
Extended to 02/08/2023
6100016317 RFP Mexico & Latin America Foreign Representative Request for ProposalsEDD 01/13/2023N/A 02/13/2023
6100016480 RFP for CORPORATE PURCHASING CARD ACCOUNT SERVICES Request for ProposalsFinance 01/13/2023N/A 02/13/2023
6100016374 RFP for FOOD INSECURITY ASSESSMENT Request for ProposalsSAMHD 01/13/2023N/A 02/13/2023
6100016354 SN Formal IFB Riverwalk Elevator Modernization Invitation for BidsCenter City Development Office 01/18/2023N/A 02/10/2023