Bid Name

DescriptionTypeDepartmentRelease / Restriction on Communication Start DatePolitical Contribution Black Out Start DateSolicitation Deadline
6100013923, RFP 21-069 Request for Proposals – Web Based Uniform Purchase Program Request for ProposalsFire 04/28/2021N/A 06/14/2021
Extended to 06/21/2021
District 4 Heritage Community Center Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsPWD 05/07/20215/21/2021 06/22/2021
6100013907 Smart Restroom Technology for SAT Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsAviation 05/17/2021N/A 06/18/2021
Extended to 07/02/2021
6100013849 DRS Formal Invitation for Bids (IFB) for Annual Contract for Office Furniture Invitation for BidsFinance 05/17/2021N/A 06/04/2021
Extended to 06/21/2021
Pittman-Sullivan Park 2017 #23-01698 Invitation for BidsFinance 05/17/2021N/A 06/25/2021
6100014013 RFCSP – Professional Learning & Development Platform for Pre-K 4 SA Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsPre-K 4 SA 05/21/2021N/A 06/23/2021
6100014071, 21-072 Request for Competitive Sealed Proposal for Annual Contract for Holiday Lights Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsCenter City Development Office 05/24/2021N/A 06/16/2021
6100013606 GDL Formal IFB for A/C for Automotive & Industrial Light Assemblies, Lens & Mirrors Invitation for BidsFinance 05/24/2021N/A 06/11/2021
Extended to 06/16/2021
Crime Prevention Program, RFP-021-063, RFx# 6100013855 Request for ProposalsSAPD 05/24/2021N/A 06/24/2021
6100014104 (21-084) Request for Information – Citywide Lease Management Software Request for InformationITSD 05/26/2021N/A 06/09/2021
Extended to 06/16/2021
6100014066 SM Formal Invitation for Bid – Escalator Cleaning Machine for the Convention Center Invitation for BidsFinance 05/26/2021N/A 06/11/2021
Extended to 06/16/2021
6100014049 Request for Competitive Sealed Proposals – Student Information System Software Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsPre-K 4 SA 05/26/2021N/A 06/28/2021
*CANCELLED* 6100014083 LDM Formal IFB - Diesel Powered, Heavy Duty, Commercial Tub Grinders Invitation for BidsFinance 05/26/2021N/A 06/16/2021
On-Call Environmental Abatement Services (Asbestos, Lead, Mold, and Industrial Waste) Request for ProposalsPWD 06/16/20216/30/2021 08/03/2021
6100013796 Electronic Visual Info. Display System Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsAviation 05/28/20216/14/2021 07/14/2021
Program Assessment for Pre K4 SA Program Request for ProposalsPre-K 4 SA 05/28/20216/14/2021 07/14/2021
CD2 Improvements - Kardon Park Invitation for BidsPWD 05/26/2021N/A 07/02/2021
6100013954 RFCSP- A/C for Ground Transportation Management System for S.A. International Airport Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsAviation 05/28/2021N/A 07/02/2021
6100014093 LDM Formal Invitation for Bids - Annual Contract for Off Road Equipment Invitation for BidsFinance 06/04/2021N/A 06/25/2021
Riverwalk Culinary Vending Kiosk Request for InformationCenter City Development Office 06/04/2021N/A 07/06/2021