Bid Name

DescriptionTypeDepartmentRelease / Restriction on Communication Start DatePolitical Contribution Black Out Start DateCouncil DatePolitical Contribution Black Out End Date
6100016954 PF RFCSP – Vital Records Mgmt System Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsOffice of the City Clerk 08/07/20235/16/20245/16/20246/15/2024
CMAR – Hemisfair Boulevard Phase 3 and Marbach Road Area Streets/Area Drainage OtherPWD 08/28/20239/12/2023PendingPending
6100017424 Food, Beverage and Retail Prime Concessionaires Request for ProposalsAviation 10/27/202311/13/2023PendingPending
6100017555 Alarm Fee Collection and Permit Services Request for ProposalsSAPD 10/30/202311/14/2023PendingPending
6100016892 Enterprise Asset Management System / Computerized Maintenance Management System Solution Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsAviation 10/30/202311/14/2023PendingPending
On-Call Construction Inspection Services Request for QualificationsPWD 11/27/202312/11/2023PendingPending
6100017141 Management of Towing and Impound Services Request for ProposalsSAPD 12/06/202312/20/2023PendingPending
6100017447 Annual Contract for Smart Collection System Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsSolid Waste Management 12/13/20231/4/2024PendingPending
23-04032 CARVER BRANCH LIBRARY RENOVATION Request for QualificationsPWD 12/18/20231/10/2024PendingPending
Ella Austin Community Center Renovation Request for QualificationsPWD 01/02/20241/18/2024PendingPending
6100017340 System Integration for SAP Success Factors Request for ProposalsITSD 12/22/20231/15/2024PendingPending
Riverwalk Chanel Improvements: Staircase and Sidewalks Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsCenter City Development Office 01/12/20241/30/2024PendingPending
6100017563 On-Call HVAC Services-Citywide Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsBES 01/12/20241/29/2024PendingPending
6100017627 Print Materials, Cataloging, and Processing Services Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsLibrary 01/16/20241/30/2024PendingPending
6100017625 Dangerous Premise Abatement Lot Clean and Securing of Structures Request for ProposalsDev Srvcs 01/19/20242/2/2024PendingPending
6100017626 Vacant Lot Abatement Services Request for ProposalsDev Srvcs 01/19/20242/2/2024PendingPending
6100017480 On-Call Plumbing Services for San Antonio Airport System Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsAviation 01/19/20242/2/2024PendingPending
Underground Storm Drain Video Inspection Program Request for QualificationsPWD 02/09/20242/26/2024PendingPending
6100017814 Preventative Maintenance & Repairs of HVAC Systems-SAFD Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsFire 02/19/20243/4/2024PendingPending
6100017898 Rental Housing Acquisition, Rehabilitation, & Preservation Request for ProposalsNeighborhood and Housing Services 03/01/20243/15/2024PendingPending