Bid Number


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Bid Number DescriptionIntended AwardBid Closing Date Notice to AwardProposed Council Date
61000125526100012552 DRS Formal Invitation for Bids for Annual Contract for Janitorial Supplies TBA 08/07/2020
Extended to 09/11/2020
61000129206100012920 MPB Formal Invitation for Bids for Annual Contract for Boulders, Granite & Rocks TBA 09/23/2020 TBA TBA
61000132826100013282 DS Formal Invitation for Bids for Annual Contract for Transparent Non-Reflective Film TBA 10/16/2020 TBA TBA
61000131316100013131 VF Formal IFB for Annual Contract for Registered Microchips & Universal Scanners for ACS TBA 10/23/2020 TBA TBA
61000129406100012940 MC Formal IFB for A/C for Main Plaza Fountains Chemical Treatment & Maintenance BG Interpool, Inc. 10/23/2020
Extended to 11/06/2020
61000133726100013372 MFB Formal IFB for A/C for HVAC Disposable Air Filters for S.A. Airport System JF Filtration dba Joe W. Fly Co., Inc. 11/25/2020
Extended to 12/14/2020
61000133396100013339 KH Invitation for Bid – Formal Annual Contract – Bottled Water – Citywide San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind and Nestle Waters North America, Inc. 12/09/2020
Extended to 01/04/2021
61000134436100013443 HH Formal IFB for Annual Contract for Official and Other Newspaper Advertisement Hearst Corp dba San Antonio Express-News and SA Legal News, LLC dba The Hart Beat 01/11/2021
Extended to 01/15/2021
61000135736100013573 DS Formal Invitation for Bids for Annual Contract for Ready Mix Concrete Vulcan Construction Materials, LLC. and Brauntex Materials, Inc. 01/20/2021
Extended to 01/25/2021
61000136036100013603 Formal IFB for Annual Contract for Traffic Signal Steel Poles Consolidated Traffic Controls, Inc. 01/27/2021 05/06/202106/03/2021
61000136046100013604 RAG Formal IFB- A/C for Fire Sprinkler Inspections and Maintenance for Alamodome (Rebid) Mulder Fire Protection, Inc. 02/08/2021 05/14/202106/10/2021
61000136146100013614 SC Formal Invitation for Bid for EOC – PURCHASE OF HALF MASK RESPIRATOR FILTERS TBA 02/01/2021 TBA TBA
61000136416100013641 MC Informal Annual Contract for San Antonio Public Library Self-Adhesive Barcodes TBA 02/05/2021 TBA TBA
61000135936100013593 GDL Formal IFB for Annual Contract for Lubricant Equipment Parts and Service TBA 02/08/2021
Extended to 02/12/2021
61000136216100013621 RG Formal IFB for A/C for Manual Door Repairs–Convention & Sports Facilities TBA 02/24/2021 TBA TBA
61000136996100013699 DS Formal IFB for Annual Contract for Asphalt Materials – Patching Mixture TBA 02/19/2021
Extended to 02/24/2021
61000137266100013726 MFB IFB A/C-ARFFVehicle Preventive Maint.,Inspection,Diagnostics,Repairs&Parts forSAAS TBA 03/15/2021
Extended to 03/26/2021
61000137786100013778 VF Informal IFB - Annual Contract for DVD Albums for the San Antonio Public Library TBA 04/14/2021 TBA TBA
61000136256100013625 VF Informal Invitation for Bids -Annual Contract for Zebra Printers & Consumables TBA 04/14/2021 TBA TBA